Skirt and Boots CD

With gratitude for the support of our friends and family, Skirt & Boots is pleased to share with you our newly recorded CD. This audio compilation is a mix of our favorite songs highlighting a unique and varied style of Americana Folk. Band member, Trina Emig, produced and engineered the recordings in her studio, Boopie Studios, featuring special guest artist fiddlers, Tammy Rogers and Gil Benson. Check us out on over 150 digital listening access sites including Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube to name a few.

River Jordan, the first song on the CD, is a bluegrass gospel rendition written and performed by the Secret Sisters, Lydia and Laura Rogers, a favorite duo of Skirt & Boots. Although not related, Tammy Rogers, of The Steeldrivers, as guest fiddler, adds haunting depth to this track with piercing high pitched harmonious notes in the background, supporting and lifting the vocals. Tammy significantly adds her creative touch to the recording in turn making the voices and overall sound even better.

On the second track, Down in the Valley, Tammy Rogers again plays guest fiddle for a beautiful sweet smooth introduction, as well as underlying accompaniment throughout.  Enter in Trina Emig’s banjo break and strong rhythm guitar, adding a fun, happy, upbeat feeling to this long loved American folk tune.

Travelin Soldier was the first song mastered for the CD, as well as being the first song Janice and Barb learned to sing together. Written by Bruce Robinson, the Dixie Chicks version is a favorite. For Travelin Soldier, Gil Benson, laid down the fiddle tracks.  Gil is lead singer, Barb’s brother, and an accomplished fiddler, playing with numerous Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio bluegrass bands, most recently with Branded Bluegrass. Gil’s smooth bowing and pretty warm even tones renders the melancholic emotion the band was aiming for. 

Track four, Mississippi Song, features John Murray on bass for a song written and recorded by Rising Appalachia. The finger snaps and sole bass accompaniment behind the harmony gives this song a more southern alternative folk sound. Janice sings the lead for the majority of this song that leaves one longing for a trip down south.

Little Glass of Wine, track five, is this CD’s murder story, after all, every album should have at least one ‘love gone wrong’ murder song. With harmony vocals the entire song, this Stanley brothers tune is more typical bluegrass with a soft female touch. Mr. Gil Benson again plays a fantastic foot tapping fiddle break and background accompaniment on this track. Trina Emig recorded the guitar, mandolin, and banjo breaks and background tracks for this standard, with John Murray on bass. 

For I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome, track six, guest artist Tammy Rogers performs the fiddle accompaniment and soulful instrumental break. Tammy’s years of experience playing with The Steeldrivers lends her own style and emphasizes the sorrowful bluegrass emotions. Skirt and Boots is so thrilled to have Tammy’s musical and recording talents on this CD. 

Track seven’s Tennessee Whiskey features the amazing talent of Trina Emig on electric banjo as well as all the other instruments. Trina’s in studio production of this song, along with the sweet vocals, takes the band’s sound to a new dimension.

The final track, Cool River Shore, is written by band member Barbara Blasch in memory of her brother Tim Benson. Growing up near the Ohio river, Tim’s favorite thing to do was to go fishing. Lending triple fiddle tracks to this recording, guest musician Gil Benson did an amazing job crafting the instrumental breaks and background accompaniment with the happy ‘good time’ feeling Barb imagined. Trina Emig’s mandolin accompaniment and banjo break is sure to bring a smile.