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Skirt & Boots album cover

Skirt and Boots is an Americana/folk/bluegrass music group based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We focus on vocal harmonies accompanied by banjo, bass, guitar, mandolin, and violin.

Welcome to our website! Check out our videos, see our schedule, contact us to book a date. We would love to come and play for you!

Band history

Skirt and Boots began in 2013 at a local Cincinnati bluegrass jam when Barb Blasch met Janice Brown and they discovered a mutual love for harmony. After polishing some songs, the two gals invited Kevin Haggard to a few practice sessions, from which a trio was established.  A year or so went by, and due to conflicts and work schedules, Skirt and Boots needed a substitute bass player. John Murray joined Janice and Barb for several performances when Kevin was unavailable. John did such a good job that the band adopted him and became a four piece group. By 2017, Trina Emig started sitting in with Skirt and Boots at several gigs. Trina‚Äôs musicianship is stellar and her banjo and mandolin breaks took the overall sound up a notch. It was an easy decision to add Trina to Skirt and Boots as a permanent member.

Due to work and family commitments, Kevin Haggard resigned from Skirt & Boots in August of 2018. Skirt and Boots then reverted to a four piece band, with a clear focus on harmony and different unique song selections from a wide variety of genres. Then in June, 2019, Janice Brown decided to leave the band and took some time off for other interests. Skirt and Boots looked for a new female harmony/lead vocalist and musician, but could not find anyone who could fill Janice’s boots. During the Covid-19 pandemic, all members agreed to continue working on a CD and play together again someday. Thankfully Trina Emig’s recording skills, via Boopie Studio’s, wrapped up the production and the CD is now available digitally and soon in hard copy. 

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Skirt and Boots CD

Skirt & Boots CD now available on Amazon Music

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